❝ happy birthday, man!
          you’re  like  57, right?

        fifty-eight, actually. your birthday’s in August, correct? what
             are you gonna be, twelve



—————— ♪❝ I have, actually! I’ve got it in my pocket. long 
                          story short, I had to leave pretty quickly and I
                          forgot to give it to the barista. I was headed 
                          back now to give it to her. sorry about that. I 
                          didn’t want somebody to steal it. 


        ███ ✧ █ ❝ wow. thanks, man ! you can’t really trust people
                                around here : one minute, they find your phone,
                                and the next, you have nasty e-mails from associates
                                who don’t appreciate being called doucherocket
                                over the phone … anyway. what’s your name?
                                do you want a couple bucks for being a good



        ███ ✧ █ ❝ hey, have you seen an iPhone around here? it’s
                                white, has a case with an owl on it? a tree, and a
                                moon? — ah, forget about it. 

nice dick.
—me to myself (via cumnog)
· inner.

A lot of the inventions from the original series are part of our everyday lives now… (x)

zachary quinto + talking to his pets


his breath is caught in his chest and he
feels as if he might pass out at any second. 
or maybe he might be sick or something equally 
embarrassing. it feels as if Chris has been 
waiting for this for ages but at the same 
time dreading it. he can’t help but think 
that he’ll do something wrong or —————

❝ … ❞

the hands on his trim hips are steadying
and they seem to keep him from flying
away to cloud nine. though as Zach
leans in closer, Chris is sure his
heart is about to pop out of his chest.
and he’s sure the other man can hear it.

though when their lips meet everything
falls into place. it’s different from
kissing a woman, but the same also. the
stubble and the hard planes of muscle
will definitly take getting used to.

        he’s been kissing boys since, what, thirteen? but back then,
        he had to be more secretive of his preferences. now, because
        people were becoming more and more open-minded, he could
        make out in public with anyone of his choosing, which was a
        joyous privilege to have, though he’ll never really use it. he
        prefers to keep his relationships private, but knowing that he
        could hold any future boyfriends’ hands while walking through
        Time Square was nice.

        so he’s used to this—- the hesitation, the shock, and the melt-
        ing against his figure. he loves it … always has, and always
        will. but hopefully, he’ll have Chris forever, and he can cease
        his search for prince charming.

        his fingers rub his skin in a soothing manner, assuring the
        other that it’s perfectly fine to relax right now. and he’s not
        going to break away the kiss for anything, so when his dogs
        begin barking in the near distance, he only tugs on Chris’ hair,
        tongue swiping over his lower lip. he’d prefer dead silent right
        now, but again : not breaking the kiss for anything.



❝ just ——- shut the fuck up! ❞

the younger man finally exclaims, slamming his
hands down on the granite counter for emphacise.
he supposes that its now or never at this point.

❝ i’m scared, okay?

{ his voice is quiet. }

❝ i’ve only kissed a guy once and that
was for a movie. you can’t —— i can’t —
i wouldn’t know what to do.❞

❝ trust me ————— i want to be with
you. isn’t it obvious? i just can’t. ❞

        his stomach drops … seriously? that’s it? he’s
        just afraid of not knowing how to not be straight?
        honestly ! Zach feels like laughing now, and he’s
        covering his lips with two fingers, elbow finding the
        counter to he can lean down and rest his chin on
        his knuckles. a large flow of relief comes over him,
        and the tense expression on his face relaxes.

        ❝ I often read signs wrong. 

        at once, he regains perfect posture and closes the
        space between he and Chris, hands swiftly finding
        his hips. he gets much too angry much too often … 
        he allows his temper to get the best of him, and
        he needs to learn how to control himself. but the
        thought of never holding Chris, never falling asleep
        next to him … he couldn’t handle it.

        ❝ just stand still. ❞

        his face is molded into a look of complete concen-
        tration as he leans forward, first his chest then his
        hips pressed against Chris’. it doesn’t take long for
        his lips to press against the others, and his hands
        slide from his hips, up his back, and to his neck.
        he wants him to relax, doesn’t want this to feel
        awkward. and it won’t be, if Chris doesn’t make it.

        Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeene … 
           I’m begging of you, please don’t take
           my man …